Sixth Street Residence Halls / Likins Hall & Arbol de la Vida


This project provides new on-campus housing for 1,088 undergraduate students. The buildings are on two sites along 6th Street; one at Tyndall Avenue (Arbol de la Vida), and one at Highland Avenue (Likins Hall).

Design Intent

Iconic, local landscape elements informed the design concepts for the Sixth Street Residence Halls: at Arbol de la Vida, the model of a “slot canyon” serves to orient rooms around oblique courtyards, and uses daylight control and a strong north-south building orientation to shade community space from the harsh sun; at Likins, to fit as neighbor to both Wildcat Stadium and the Highland District, the form of the buildings drape between the two along the path of a previously significant urban drainage corridor, replacing it with a landscape expressing the arroyo in a more natural form. Campus brick cladding helps tie the projects into the surrounding context, while special detailing, color, and unique design features gives each building a unique identity. The structures at both sites are both segmented to give the sense of a European neighborhood rather than single, monumental buildings.The interior courtyards have the character of streets and are designed to extend the campus fabric inside each facility, while providing a more textured and special landscape within. From the surrounding streets, each student community is easily identified, and thus each site appears as a collection of buildings. The projects include flared hallways to lend a unique form to both the interior and exterior spaces and entice students to gather together and share ideas. The projects are therefore expressions of the concept of the Greek stoa, or marketplace of ideas.

Project Number
Building Number(s)
131 | 132 | 133
Current Budget
Projected Ultimate Budget
Project Manager
Facilities Project Manager
Construction Schedule
June 2008 - January 2012
Core Construction
Design Professional
AR7 Architects P C
Delivery Method

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